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About us
LAD History
Mission & Objectives
What is doping?

Fields of activities

As a service provider to its clients, LAD tests biological samples to detect, identify and quantify a range of different organic molecules (original substances or resulting metabolites) that may alter physical performance.

These analyses, called routine analyses, are aimed at fighting doping in sports. They fall into three categories:

  • Detection of organic substances in human biological matrices (urine and blood);
  • Identification and dose determinations of xenobiotics and endogenous substances as well as of their metabolites;
  • Measurements of secondary markers associated with the use of prohibited doping substances.

The test samples are usually provided by Swiss Olympic (AOS), by various national and international sports federations or different foreign national sports associations.

LAD also analyzes biological samples made available by other public or private entities, such as laboratories, physicians or hospitals. If needed, the laboratory can analyze non-biological matrices as well.

New methods of analysis to detect new types of doping are constantly being developed by LAD. These methods are added to the list of routine analyses after appropriate validation.

In addition to carrying out routine analyses as service providers, our scientists design and conduct various research projects. Thanks to these projects, carried out by LAD alone or in collaboration with other institutions, we can remain at the forefront of the progress accomplished in the anti-doping field.

Our central objectives

  • Fully comply with the international ISO 17025 :2005 standards pertaining to lab competence in order to maintain LAD accreditation.
  • Provide our clients precise, reliable and timely results.

  • Encourage communication with our clients, the other laboratories accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and all the different research teams that carry out projects similar to ours. Such communication takes place in the context of various consulting activities and services rendered  by LAD in different disciplines and thanks to numerous collaborations, In all cases, ethical standards and confidentiality are  guaranteed, as defined in Appendix B of the WADA International Standards for Laboratories (ISL).

  • Comply with good laboratory practice.

  • Maintain objectivity and impartiality.

  • Permanently upgrade our technical and scientific skills.

  • Maintain an excellent team spirit in our laboratory that allies individual motivation to collective commitment to ensure the very best performance of each member of the laboratory.

LAD has no privileged relation with any political, administrative or economical organization or movement. The laboratory does not conduct any surveillance, control or inspection tasks. Its role is limited to that of a consultant or expert.

LAD is fully committed to respecting all the procedures and rules of quality control and professional ethics. By doing so, it guarantees complete impartiality and independence from its clients.


Last Update on 07.10.2008

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