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Veterinary analyses

Doping among sportsmen is very popular, but the sports where an animal is used as mounting or even takes part in races or fighting are not in remainder. Thus several laboratories throughout the world also seek doping agents in horses, dogs and even bovines.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that many anabolic agents were originally developed to accelerate the growth of animals usually slaughtered and that these practices are nowadays strictly controlled.

The use and abuse of anabolic agents (such as trenbolone or clenbuterol), corticosteroids, stimulants and of analgesics is regularly controlled during the “combat de reines” in Switzerland.

The Swiss Laboratory for Doping Analyses has the capacities allowing the search for doping agents in the animal world. Indeed, the laboratory has techniques (mainly LC-MS) allowing the analyses of these compounds in various biological matrix such as blood and urine.

Combat de Reines
Combat de Reines
"Combat de Reines" (VS)


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