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Press articles

Year 2010

7th july 2010

Dr Martial Saugy is interviewed by the newspaper Pulsation (HUG's newspaper) about the biological passeport of athlete. Read the article (94 Ko).

6th july 2010

Uniscope (UNIL's newspaper) focuse on LAD. Read the article (2.2 Mo).

27th May 2010

The newspaper "Le Nouvelliste" interviews the Dr. Martial Saugy in the article "Tous dopés". Read the artice (122 Ko).

24th May 2010

TSR interviews Dr. Martial Saugy about Floyd Landis'confessions on his doping substances abuse during the Tour de France 2006. See the movie.

19th April 2010

The Swiss German TV and the newspaper "24 heures" focused on annual press conference of Swiss Antidoping. Interview of Dr. Martial Saugy. See the movie and read the article.

8th April 2010

The "19:30" on the TSR focused on some doping cases during the cycling competition "Tour de l'Avenir" in September which highlight some doping protocols designed by organised doping networks. "These protocols allow to sportmen to cheat the doping controls" announced the President of French anti-doping agency, Pierre Bordry. Interview of Dr. Martial Saugy and Dr. Pierre-Edouard Sottas.

7th April 2010

A couple of weeks before the Tour de Romandie the RSR program "Devine qui vient dîner" interviews Dr. Martial Saugy concerning doping in sport. Listen to the program.

31st March 2010

The first part ot the Swiss French Television "36.9" program called "SNUS: L'industrie du tabac tape dans les gencives! focuses on problems related to SNUS uses as stimulant in ice hockey. Interview of Dr. Martial Saugy. Movie.

27th March 2010

The newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung writes about the case of the speed skater Claudia Pechstein. Interview of Dr. Pierre-Edouard Sottas. See the article , 314 ko (in German).

25th March 2010

The newspaper "Le Temps" focuses on the growth hormone doping case by the rugbyman Terry Newton. Interview of Dr. Martial Saugy.


Journal "La Liberté"

Journal "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" (NZZ)

Journal "Le Temps"

Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR)

Radio Suisse Romande (RSR)


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